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  • by Melissa Ireland on 07/11/2021
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • I always want to give it 5 stars, but sometimes can't. I love going here and go every beach day I have. Still, sometimes the service isn't that great. Pretty sure our waiter completely forgot about us yesterday, we sat for twenty minutes before he took our order, luckily he at least took our drink order. He wasn't too busy to chat up another table that was clearly people he knew. I'm not talking about some young kid screwing around either. On the contrary, most of the young staff there are great and very attentive. Most of the staff is great and the food and drinks are good.
  • by Thomas Bourgault on 07/06/2021
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • The hostess was extremely professional and pleasant. The pan-seared sea scallops with asparagus we're Beyond delicious cooked to perfection, for dessert baklava cheesecake creamy and delicious. Ali our server frequently tending to our every need with her delightful bubbly laugh and great personality could only be described has the icing on the cake to our Unforgettable dining experience thank you Ali thank you George's of Galilee we all look forward. to our many frequent and most excellent dining at George's with Ali our server!!! Absolutely the greatest Unforgettable experience ever.
  • by Patricia Neal on 06/19/2021
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • My husband and I spent 10 glorious days in Narragansett for a lovely getaway. We dined at George's 5 times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though it is very busy, we did not have to wait long! Our final night, there were definitely unusual issues with either the kitchen our our wait staff and we waited an inordinately long time for our food. Our waitress was clearly aware and brought the assistant manager when we were concerned. Will was terrific. He did not make excuses (like most restaurants tend to do...), apologized for the long wait, comped our meal, and personally saw to the delivery of our dinners. This is what customer service should be in every restaurant. We were so appreciative. Cannot recommend George's enough. Food is fantastic also, and so are the drinks. Fabulous experience (all 5!)
  • by Stuart Grossman on 07/20/2021
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • Consistently a top notch dining experience. We find ourselves in Narragansett 1-2 times per year and have been to George's about 5 times. Every time the food is exceptionally well prepared and we will keep coming back. Prices are very reasonable, selection is great and service is generally good even on busy nights. Not the place to visit for a quiet intimate meal as it's bustling and loud but if you're looking for an excellent seafood meal, this is the place.
  • by Nancy O'toole on 07/24/2021
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • I had the most delicious lobster salad dinner! It was their house salad topped with plain lobster meat. I ordered the white champagne dressing(I think that was the name of it). So simple, so perfect! I can't wait to go back to order it again. The staff is very friendly and the upper floor has a bar and outdoor dining on the deck.