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  • by Veronica Redondo on 09/25/2022
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • One of the best brunch spots with a great menu variety. They have daily specials too. Be prepared to wait 30-45mins, but worth every bite. You can get a drink at the bar while you wait outside and it makes the experience so much better. Our waiter was very funny and also made the wait more pleasant. “Half portions are for mortals, full portions are for demo-gods”; you’ll understand when you go 😆
  • by Dani on 08/16/2022
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • Julian's was a great start to my Rhode Island trip! You instantly feel welcome when you walk in, the crowd was very diverse, and my server was so friendly. The food options were hilarious and tasted great; I ordered The Jedi Mind Trick omelet with a banana strawberry pancake. Be sure to come here whenever you go to Rhode Island!
  • by Juhi Shah on 08/10/2022
  • Rating:4 Star Rating: Good
  • Before I write about their food, I want to talk a little bit about their service. I went there at 11:15 am for breakfast on Tuesday. As it was walk-in we had to wait for a little for the table. That was okay. The staff was also very kind and informative about the food items. BUT, here comes the worst part. First, they took so long to take our order then they made us wait 45 minutes for our food. I noticed the same on the other table as well. So, if you are going to this restaurant please keep in mind the WAIT TIME. Also, it's better to go after 12 PM. I was there till 2 PM there, and I saw less crowd after 12 PM. Now moving to food, we had hot chocolate which was too sweet in taste. I guess one can request to lower the sugar quantity. In addition, we ordered Shakshuka - (8.5/10). I didn't enjoy the potato hash much (they replaced homefries with potato hash). Vegan Hash, Grilled Tofu & Toast Plate - (10/10)- MUST TRY!! Vegan Black Bean Burger - (7/10) - It was okay. But do try their Vegan Hash With House Tempeh Sausage, Broccoli, Caramelized Onions & Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese. It has a unique taste and I have never tasted anything like that in my life.
  • by T Allegro on 07/14/2022
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • Vegan hash with seasoned grilled tofu... excellent! Very rich tasting and filling. Not a light meal. Both the hostess and waitress were polite, patient, and friendly. Love that they've include more vegan items since the last time I visited, post pandemic.
  • by Maria Walker on 05/06/2022
  • Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent
  • This place is wonderful. The staff was attentive, despite being busy! The food was amazing (leftovers were not only eaten, but savored). Cocktails were wonderful and the names made us giggle. Would highly recommend.